My Astrology Soul Blueprint Reading was quite powerful and accurate with regards to describing aspects of my life, specific gifts that I possess (and are likely meant to use and share with the world,) and the challenges and questions I’ve been facing. The reading provided clarity and affirmation of some changes I’ve sensed needing in my life, which was particularly helpful as it reminded me to trust my intuition as I move forward.
I highly recommend Brana, and I look forward to continuing to use her talents as a resource for my continued learning and healing! Thank you, Brana!




I have been attending meditation with Brana for seven months and it has brought peace and focus to my life. I look forward to each night as Brana consistently provides powerful, relaxing, and rejuvenating experiences. In addition, she prepared and read my astrological chart and the insight she provided was amazing. I participated in an energy session which was very moving and emotional. Brana is a genuine person who provides guidance and brings a sense of peace whenever she is around.

W. W.

I was slow to accept the validity of energy healing… until I tried it. Brana’s methods and preparation are so thorough and complete and effective, I find myself completely, and pleasantly, mystified at the changes I’m experiencing through the Awaken the Queen Within Program. In our sessions I find myself relaxing deeply, releasing long-held beliefs that no longer serve me, and accepting new possibilities and a new vision for myself. I’m grateful for this gift, this program that engages me so completely, and I look forward to where it’s taking me.

Dr. A.N.S.

I had a astrology reading with Brana – amazing. She made me feel incredibly comfortable from the moment I met her. Her reading was right on target. It was as if she was telling me the story of my life with details. I would recommend Brana’s astrology readings to anybody who is looking for clarity and information from the universe that she has intuitive access.


Since I started energy sessions with Brana every aspect of my life has improved — I am more focused, more outgoing, and more relaxed in my everyday life.
My anxiety is gone and I sleep better, which is a huge change for me!!


I highly recommend working with Brana, whether for a crystal reading, astrology reading, crystal class, energy work, or other opportunity. She is a lovely person with a kind and gentle energy. My most recent astrology reading was very grounding. It gave me a sense of spiritual stability. By that I mean that I felt reconnected to the greater plan and a renewed confidence in divine timing. Additionally, knowing what energies are affecting me and what impact those energies might have, makes me feel better prepared for what might come up, thereby increasing my ability to cope with any challenges, and in some cases, even to avoid pitfalls. Moreover, such a reading sheds light on what one can do to increase personal growth and expansion. Overall, I find the information one receives from Brana’s readings to be very comforting.


Brana has done chart readings for both of my kids now. If you had told me 5 years ago that I’d be using astrology, I would have laughed at you! But Brana’s readings have been INCREDIBLY helpful to me as a parent trying to support her children. I’ve gone all the traditional routes, and none of them gave me the insight that I got from Brana. She gave me deep insights into who my kids are, their gifts and challenges, and what I can do to support them. The changes I’ve made based on her suggestions have helped them both at home and at school. I don’t understand how it all works, but that’s ok. I just know that IT HELPED!


I had the privilege of taking the Crystal Reiki course offered by Brana at Crystal Cosmopolitan. A few years ago I had a brief introduction to regular Reiki but this did not prepare me for Crystal Reiki.
Also, as a long time practitioner of Meditation (TM), I was delighted by this new Crystal mediated practice.

As soon as Brana introduced me to Crystal Reiki I was captivated.
First for it’s use of special Oriental Calligraphic symbols, a script that I had been fascinated with for many years, and then, as we started to use the crystals and experience their power, I saw that they greatly facilitated my entry into a meditative state. Once in that state I experienced emotional and physical release in the form of somato-emotional “unwinding” that offered relief of tensions and pain.

Later homework sessions brought me revelations of a more esoteric nature, where I realized who my earthly Guides were. I highly recommend this course.

Mary Ruth


I recently took Brana’s Crystal Reiki Level 1 class and I loved the practices, the attunement experience and the crystal energy!! The presentation of the scientific proof of how energy works was terrific! My Western mind needed that explanation as well as a reminder that we can trust both the crystal energy and our own gifts of energy. I also liked the manual that we received, the PowerPoint with images and the actual practice of the symbols. Within a few days of practicing on my own, Crystal Reiki has helped me release a painful personal experience that I had wanted to let go.



Brana’s ability to heal using her understanding of energy, chakra-work, and crystals is a rare gift. Many people train to do these things, and I have gone to several different kinds of practitioners, but Brana’s facility with healing is very powerful. I have had her help with stomach problems, headaches, anxiety or other mental/emotional problems. Whether my request was for a physical or an emotional issue, Brana’s deep attention and her integrity of purpose have filled me with comfort, relief and spiritual direction. Each time I have had a Crystal Chakra Balancing session with her I could feel my body fill up with light. Something inside of me seems to shift. This is not something I can will or fake. Either it happens or not and with Brana it happens.
Brana is very sensitive to the needs of her client. She is ever respectful, yet thorough in applying her healing skills. This kind of healing is a blessing and I feel lucky to have met someone who has a natural gift for it , and has pursued extensive training.



Recently, after repeated suggestions by my massage therapist, I had the opportunity to attend a workshop given by Brana Crystal Cosmopolitan. Following this informative class, I scheduled a Crystal Chakra Balancing with her.

The session started by attuning/opening my Chakras with crystals and was followed by Brana’s revealing reading: I learned that my animal is the Owl and that Amethyst, a crystal that I had owned for many years and had admired but never knew how to access its healing potential, was the one I now needed to work with. Brana gave me homework – meditation with Amethyst and Clear Calcite for a period of time, since they were the most dominant during the balancing session.

After a week of interesting reactions which occurred while meditating with the Amethyst, I then I spent a couple of weeks working with Clear Calcite, the second stone that was suggested by Brana. A few days after meditating with the Calcite, I felt compelled to take a walk in our adjacent woods. Once in the woods, I almost immediately experienced a dramatic experience of emotional energy and a subsequent creative release of poetic dialog with myself (I am a scientist by profession!).

Since then I have worked with other crystals and I continue to explore the wonders in my woods, most notably the grove of magnificent Beech trees that reside therein. I have even taken to embracing them, literally and figuratively, as a source of comfort and wisdom. You could say I now talk to the trees.

Other serendipitous events have been happening in my life since I started using crystals.

I can’t wait to see what the next crystal will reveal to me.

Thanks for connecting me to the world of the Crystals, Brana. This was the biggest therapeutic breakthrough I’ve had in a long time and one that has gotten me deeply in touch with nature again, for the first time since I was a kid 🙂


My reading was very clear, with an accurate picture of the current situation…it has given me ideas, and guidance of what to do in my next step in life…

What I liked the most is that many things said were the exact things I was thinking about or was guessing, so it feels as confirmation of what I have already known on some other level, but for some reason that knowledge was not brought up on the surface till now.

I also like that the reading was about my personal development and spiritual growth and not a future forecast.


Brana is a bright light of positive energy. Without even knowing my last name, she was able to provide me with a personalized crystal reading that hit home on many levels. She was able to tell me pinpointed accurate details about myself and current elements of my life and confidently predicted details about my future that also turned out to be very true. She guided me in finding the right gems for meditation and directed me on what needs to be worked on and cleared from my past to help my future unfold successfully. I will recommend Brana to anyone who is struggling to make decisions or needs a little clarity.


I found Brana’s work very helpful in guiding me to focus on areas where I need to remove blocks so that I can move forward with what’s next.

The readings she gave served to augment what I intuited, and provided more gumption to keep on keeping on.


I have personally had two completely different types of readings with Brana. One was with crystals and the other was based on my astrological chart. Based on those experiences, I can confidently say she is gifted, articulate, knowledgeable, and “tapped in”. She provided me with valuable insights and practical ways to utilize the information she shared. I have and will continue to highly recommend her.


Wow, you have hit the nail on the head about things going on, and hard. Just wow!


Wow! Thank you! These messages make absolute sense to me!!! Bless you and thank you so much for doing this. I needed a little reminder from the Smoky Quartz 😉


Thank you so much for the reading. It contained many things that I knew in the back of my mind, and didn’t want to really confront. I will work on the techniques you sent me, and see if I can get out of my own way.

Robin H.

Every time I get a mini reading from you they are always point on..almost all of my reads from you are saying take the leap … do what’s in your heart and so on !!! These readings give me hope to know I can and will make it on my own and be happy once again !! Thank you for all that you’ve done :))


You are amazing, very intuitive! Everything u said is spot on. I am on my journey & I need help with these. Thank you much. Blessings!

Linda W.C.

I have had the privilege of receiving guidance from Brana on numerous occasions. I have asked specific questions and also asked for a general message that I might need to receive. I have sometimes received information that showed me the “big picture”, and other times addressed a more immediate need or issue, but it has always been information that I needed to be aware of or attend to. She has given me exactly what I needed to feel empowered to take charge of my life’s journey and address any areas that need attention or support. She is intuitive and insightful, and I highly recommend her services.


I have been following Brana’s amazing page for over the past year. I am constantly impressed how spot on she is with her crystal readings. She has taught me through the readings what crystals I needed to incorporate into my everyday life. Brightest blessings and light!


My doctor was amazed how quickly and well I am healing after my surgery. I almost told him it was because of the crystal healing session that I had with you!


Wow, Brana! I slept straight through the night for the first time in weeks! Our crystal chakra balancing session continues to help me relax and the crystals you suggested for me are working out perfectly!


I asked Brana to provide an astrological chart for myself and a family member as we had been having issues communicating off and on for a very long time. I chose Brana for this report as I trusted her intuitive sense and because of her studies, her ability to interpret the information appropriately. I learned a few things about the relationship that Brana objectively brought to the forefront that explained why we were having these issues. Not only does Brana shine a light on the current situation, but she also outlines tools that the client can use to resolve the issues, including appropriate crystals to work with, ways of communicating (or not communicating) and provides feedback on the outcomes of her suggestions. Brana is a light in the dark with not only the knowledge of the science behind how and why things work, but also a very gifted intuitive healer. I highly recommend her.


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