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“Meditations with Brana”


“My experience with Brana from the very beginning let me know that she is the real thing. I have been searching for a genuine spiritual instructor and was extremely fortunate to have met someone with so much experience, even including her possessing a Ph.D.

Brana has personally helped me very much not only with the meditation classes, but with one on one sessions as well. The result has been very beneficial to assist me with cumulative stress reduction, and learning how to truly meditate.

My rating of her abilities would be a 5 out of 5. More importantly, her spiritual and cognizant abilities are unmatched to anyone I have met.” ~ David H

”Meditation with Brana has become a necessary part of my week.  With the world as stressful as it is, meditation is a haven of comfort and relaxation.  I sleep better, and feel calmer and more grounded after a session with Brana.   It has become a part of my week I look forward to the most. ” ~Elizabeth

“I have been attending group meditations with Brana for almost a year. I enjoy meditating on my own and doing recorded guided mediations but the healing meditations are completely different. I felt refreshed and renewed after the first session but with continued practice I have experienced lasting results in my daily life.

I feel more patient and calm, I generally sleep better, and I feel more in tune with myself.

Attending a group healing mediation is like pushing the reset button on my mind. I would recommend it to anyone open to the benefits of meditation whether they are new or experienced practitioners.” -Meg

“I have been attending meditation with Brana for seven months and it has brought peace and focus to my life. I look forward to each night as Brana consistently provides powerful, relaxing, and rejuvenating experiences.” ~Wendy

“Thank you so much for last night’s meditation class. It was amazing and I finally slept like a baby. Your meditation put me in such a relaxed state, when I got home my roommate told me I was glowing and had a lot of energy — more than she had seen in a long time. I have been physically disabled for 9 months. My surgery was in July 5th 2017 and honestly after your meditation (September 17) was the first night that I slept through the night without waking up in pain.” ~Deb

“Brana is an amazing guide through deep meditation and transformation!!!” J.S.

These meditations provide a space where we can take the time to connect with ourselves in a deeper way, to release any stress, relax, and reset our nervous system . . . so we can move forward with more ease and grace.

You will enjoy them whether you are new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner.

It is a mix of various meditation, mindfulness, yoga nidra and visualization techniques that I developed through more than 25 years of practicing and studying meditation individually as well as through my energy healing practices.

I lead the participants into states of deep physical relaxation from where they visualize specific images and energy flows that have a restorative and uplifting effects on the mind and the emotions.

These meditations lead to greater clarity, focus, feelings of wellbeing and joy as well as greater ability to have a restful sleep.


“Meditations with Brana for Better Sleep”

Mondays at 8pm at CADEFIT, 301 Village Ave, Yorktown, VA 23693

Bring your mat, pillow, favorite blanket — whatever will make you feel comfortable lying down . .

PLEASE MAKE SURE TO ARRIVE AT LEAST 5 MIN. EARLY. Doors will close exactly on time!

Each class is $10

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Please note that there are no refunds nor credits for missed classes.

Recorded Meditations for Better Sleep

Cost $24

I also make customized meditations for better sleep AND a personal issue that you want resolved, such as more confidence, weight-loss support, creating abundance, releasing anxiety etc. Contact me HERE for details