For the upcoming  Crystal Workshops please scroll down. Here are some of the comments from the participants in the previous workshops:

“Loved it! What I liked the best was that I was able to ask questions, the hands-on experience, and interaction”

“I was amazed at the scientific components that were presented! It was great — very, very enjoyable and informative”

“Love this class! What I found most useful in this workshop was the “how-to” segments. I liked the involvement, the experiential parts and the questions answered”

“It was wonderful and I enjoyed every minute! Thank you!”

“Thank you so much! The class was great  and I feel informed and excited about working with crystals now!”

“Exceptional class!”

“Great workshop, I learned a lot!”

“I liked the well-organized format — the progression of explanations and actual experiences”

“What I liked the best was the combination of science and the mysterious powers of light and spirit”

“Very professionally presented — a good balance between experience and information”

“I had many ‘a-ha’ moments and I liked the group sharing experience and the explanations of what was shared. “

“Thank you for bringing crystal energy awareness into my life”

“I had my first enlightening meditation experience!”

“I loved it!”

“Enjoyed it. You did an awesome, fabulous job!”

“Excellent presentation”

“I found everything useful and liked the positive energy and enthusiasm. Very well prepared and presented. Thank you!”

“I liked learning about the uses and vibrational energies of crystals. Excellent presentation.”

“I liked the flow of the program including interaction with class participants.”

“Wonderful workshop, thank you! All the information was great.”

“Excellent presentation – very moving as well as informative.”

“Would love to take your next class when you offer it.”

“I very much enjoyed the class. All of this information was very useful. I liked everything!”

“Great class! Brana is so knowledgeable!”

“You are a talented teacher and presenter with a good ability to organize material in an understandable way”

“Overall impression of the workshop: [I am] pleased and energized”

“I liked the science to bring the information from ‘out there’ to logically based conclusions”

“I liked all the science and applying it in a very practical manner with specific stones”

“Enjoyable–lots of information!”

“Great fun–the time flew by!”

“You are amazing, great job!”

The Sacred Feminine i.e. Crystals for Women

Saturday, March 23, 4 pm to 6 pm

Cost: $75

Williamsburg, Virginia 23188
Those who register will receive the address.

Do you often feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and like there are just too many things that you need to fit in your day?

Do you feel that your voice is not always heard or respected?

Are you going through a time of change in your life and feel you don’t have enough support?

Do you have some hormonal issues that you would like to address in natural ways?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, than this workshop is for you.

Reconnecting to the Sacred Feminine archetypes means getting in touch with the deepest forgotten sources of our strength and passion. In the workshop we will explore what we need based on our hormones, how they are linked to our mental and emotional processing, and what kinds of nourishments we need at different times . . .

In this workshop I will present a variety of crystals for the issues above and the specific crystal practices that you can use to help yourselves with these issues. 

Each participant will receive a crystal gift.

Space is very limited, so please REGISTER HERE  ASAP to secure your spot in this one-of-a-kind workshop.

After you submit the form you will receive a PayPal link and upon the receipt of the payment you will be registered.


By sending in your registration you also acknowledge that you have read and understood this disclaimer:

I understand that the Crystals for Women Workshop involves self-exploration and personal growth and that neither the workshop nor the crystals are substitutes for medical or psychological treatment or therapy. I agree to advise the workshop presenter, Brana, if I have any physical or psychological conditions that may affect my participation ability. This information will remain strictly confidential. By submitting this form, I expressly agree to hold Brana harmless for any damages, loss, or expense caused by any act or omission by herself, her workshop coordinator or other participants.