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As a certified Crystal Reiki Master and a Certified Crystal Healing practitioner, I offer two types of Crystal Therapy: Crystal Reiki and Crystal Chakra Balancing

Crystal Reiki

In addition to being attuned to traditional Usui Reiki at a Master level, I am a Certified Crystal Reiki Master.

While crystals can be used with traditional Reiki in various ways, Crystal Reiki is a separate branch of Reiki that uses specific symbols and specific crystals with lineage that goes back to Geoffrey Keyte. I received my Crystal Reiki attunements  and learned this modality from crystal healer Ashley Leavy.

Crystal Reiki deepens meditation and journeying, enables greater communication skills and enhances sense of awareness. It initiates personal healing, increases feelings of self-love, reduces stress and encourages relaxation. This modality balances mind, body, spirit and the emotions and treats physical discomfort and symptoms of dis-ease.

Crystal Reiki session is available as an in-person or as a distance session and they are 60 min. long

To book a session or send an email click HERE

Session: $120

Crystal Chakra Balancing  

This healing modality involves having a client lying  fully dressed on the massage table, while I test the chakras and then balance them using specific crystals, visualizations, affirmations, and healing energy work.

We can also work on a particular challenge that a client is facing in their life and have a specific focus for the balancing session.

This type of healing works through the energy of physical resonance, where specific crystals amplify and resonate the specific frequencies in a client’s body and initiate the healing process on a deeper level. In addition to relaxation and physical relief, clients typically experience receiving intuitive answers to the issues they are facing in their lives, clearing the energy blockages, and becoming motivated to transform their lives for the better.

After the 60-min long session, the client receives a weekly energy/crystal balancing “homework” and weekly email support for a month.

Session: in-person only, $120
To book a session or send an email click HERE

Disclaimer: Crystal Reiki and Crystal Chakra Balancing are not substitutes for medical advice, diagnosis and treatment and do not provide a cure for an illness.

Crystals for Winter and the SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

Winter is a time when many people experience lack of motivation, low energy, weakened immune system and even Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). While a combination of exercise, healthy diet, and plenty of rest can help, you may also want to try working with crystals known for their revitalizing and energy-boosting properties.

To experience the positive changes described below, try carrying or wearing one or two crystals from the list below daily and notice when your energy and your mood get uplifted.

Even though I refer to crystal writers in this text, I have tried all of them myself, and have been recommending them over the years to friends and clients to use during winter time with great results.

Ruby is one of the first crystals recommended by crystal writers and crystal healers for treating lethargy and exhaustion. It is strongly energizing and invigorating, stimulating the flow of energy through the body and strengthening vitality. Being a first chakra stone, it is especially good with increasing circulation in legs and feet. With Ruby, one feels that all things are possible and gets a renewed passion for life.

If the energy of Ruby is too strong for you, you may enjoy the energy of another red stone – Red Jasper. Similarly to Ruby, Red Jasper warms cold limbs, increases energy and stamina and is even reputed to prevent illnesses. While some crystal writers say that it works slowly and that its effects can be felt over a period of several days, many people – including myself – actually experience an immediate yet gentle influx of energy within minutes.

Pyrite, an iron-sulfide mineral, is great when you need to fight infections, lower the fever, and reduce inflammation. Holding one in each hand can bring a quick burst of energy and carrying one in each pocket may ensure a steady flow of supportive energy throughout the day, especially during times of extra stress. Since it is also a highly protective stone, it works on repairing one’s aura and preserving personal boundaries—a necessity for a healthy life.

One crystal that is recommended by almost all crystal writers for those who get the “winter blues” is Sunstone.  Described as “a ray of sunshine,” it stimulates the endocrine system and brings warmth to the body, at the same time increasing the “feel-good” attitude. With it, one feels inspired, creative, joyful, good-natured, and optimistic.

Carnelian is another orange-colored stone that both strengthens and protects the aura from outside influences, keeping personal energy at high level. Along with green and multicolored Fluorite, Carnelian is an excellent stone for those who find themselves in proximity with people who are sick. Both of these crystals stimulate our body’s immune system and fight against infections. They are my staples when travelling by plane or have to be around a lot of people in a small or closed space.

If you feel like you miss the color yellow, use Citrine. Besides its therapeutic properties based on its color, it is warming when carried next to your skin. Citrine also very quickly transmutes negative into positive energy and restores optimism and joy.

Now close your eyes and see what crystal came to your mind right away . . . That may be the one to get for your journey through winter!

Originally written for the Healing Crystals Company on January 18, 2013



By Crystal CosmopolitanOriginally published in 2013 at the Healing Crystals Website

Holidays are supposed to be joyful and celebratory events, and yet many times the preparation – whether hosting a party or travelling to someone else’s home – leaves us exhausted and wishing we could just forget about all of it, sleep through it and wake up when it is all over. If you’ve ever had a thought like this – then this article is for you!

Crystals help us on many levels through physical laws of resonance, where their vibratory frequency affects the frequencies of our bodies in specific ways. In this article I will suggest a few that assist specifically with issues related to stress around the holidays. So here are the tips and tricks you can use to sail through the holiday season with a smile on your face:

Take your Citrine when you go shopping to find what you need at a price you can easily afford. Citrine works to synchronistically bring you to the right place at the right time so you can be done quickly and effortlessly.

Lithium Quartz is wonderful when you need to take a break from everything to distress and relax, even if it is just for a few minutes behind closed doors.

Hold or wear Fluorite for focus and mental clarity when you make your lists and are getting organized. Fluorite is excellent when you find yourself procrastinating and putting off your necessary tasks. Wearing it during shopping expeditions and holiday travel may also help you stay healthy in a crowded environment, since it strengthens the immune system.

Carnelian is a perfect crystal to hold when you feel unmotivated. It renews excitement, spurs creativity, and supports analytical thinking, so that you are not bogged down by details when planning a party, but rather inspired by your creative vision and anticipation of the joyful event.

Peach Agate may assist when you need to go to a party you are not looking forward to, for whatever reason. It would help you enjoy yourself no matter what the circumstances by attracting positive energy to you.

However, do carry Black Tourmaline with you, since the stress level of many people can be high during this time, and you want to make sure you are grounded and protected so that possible negative energy of others has no chance of affecting you.

Meditate with Lepidolite before going to bed for restful sleep. Write down all of what still needs to be done – your thoughts and your ideas for the rest of the holiday week – on a piece of paper and let your mind relax.

Hold Seraphinite when you feel you need a little extra help from the Divine to accomplish all that you want. A heartfelt gratitude for all that you do have and have been able to do is an important step on the road towards accomplishing more.

Finally, you want your home to sparkle, and be filled with a beautiful energy that reminds you of the meaning of the holidays. Place Amethyst  Druzes  throughout your home to bring in the energy of calmness, celebration, and abundance.

Hope these ideas serve to make your holiday season sparkly and happy!