Working with Crystals

I remember that time more than a decade ago, when I first heard the phrase “working with crystals” and being puzzled by what it could mean. After asking someone, it turned out that it means you can do a lot with crystals, in addition to wear them as jewelry, to increase your well-being. Since that time many years ago, I have worked with crystals in many different ways and started offering workshops that teach others how to do it.

The workshop date for the Crystals for Personal Healing is Saturday, April 9, from 9 am to 1 pm and this is the registration linkĀ

Here is a brief introduction on what it is about and why I love doing it:

A part of my job as a crystal expert and writer for the Healing Crystals company includes reading and responding to our fans’ comments on various social media. Over the years I’ve read thousands of comments on how crystals have enriched the lives of our fans (at the moment we have close to one million fans on Facebook alone). I’ve researched ancient as well as current information on how crystal energy affects our personal energy, and have been applying this knowledge daily for more than ten years now. Additionally, I continually hear back from my clients who report how their experiences with crystals changed their lives for the better.

We understand how nourishing ourselves through means such as good nutrition, adequate sleep, and rest are important. The notion of energetic nourishment through the vibrational effect of natural environment (of which crystals are a part) may still be something that we don’t necessarily think about. But more and more scientists are confirming that our wellbeing is supported by (and in great measure depends on) our relationship with nature.

A huge variety of crystals, formed deep within the Earth, are an integral part of that nature. All have unique electro-magnetic frequencies that can support our wellbeing in many ways.

Here are a few personal examples in terms of what various crystal energies have helped me with:

  • strengthening my physical energy
  • strengthening my immune system
  • getting a better night’s sleep
  • clearing my head
  • releasing stress
  • clearing emotional blocks and improving relationships
  • pain relief
  • removing procrastination
  • speeding up my projects & finishing on or ahead of schedule
  • made my long-distance airplane travels a breeze (I travelled for work internationally several times a year for ten years! so I had a chance to thoroughly test this)
  • eliminated jet lag
  • reduced the effects of artificial EMFs
  • And this is in addition to personal evolution and long term changes that I’ve experienced, such as manifesting amazing things in my life that advanced my personal development

This is why I am so passionate in bringing this information forward. It is very easy to understand and apply in a safe and a beneficial way, once we understand how it all works and what to do.

If you want to learn more, you can sign up for my Crystals for Personal Healing workshop, offered Saturday morning, April 9. For more details and to register please go here

The space is limited, so please register soon if you are interested in attending.

Till then — stay healthy and happy!

Brana Crystal Cosmopolitan