Astro-Archetypes New Year Workshop!

How to Use Astro-Archetypes to Transform Your Life

***Interactive Workshop***


DATE: December 29th, 9:30 am to 4:30pm (with 1 hour lunch break, on your own)

PLACE: Williamsburg, VA (the address will be sent to those who register)

EARLY BIRD: $167 till December 17th! Regular price: $197



When you know your Astro-Archetypes, you can easily start winning in the game we call life.

Here is why:

Imagine finding yourself being thrown into an adventure movie without a map or a compass or without any knowledge of a prequel.

You are a hero that has to face many obstacles to get to the treasure but at this point you don’t even know what treasure you are looking for, let alone where it is.

You don’t know what tools you’ll have at your disposal, what perils will wait on your path, and what shortcuts can bring you closer.

You don’t particularly feel like a hero and you feel like your choices have already been determined for you. You are wondering why you do not feel that sense of excitement and drive and why can’t you figure out what your treasure is and how to get to it.

This is how most of us go through life.

Now imagine if there was a way for you to find all that out.

How much more enjoyable the adventure would be if you know your hero’s strengths, his/her weaknesses, which paths he/she should avoid, and which ones are safe to take.

There would still be a lot of unknowns, to make it interesting, but you would have a much greater confidence that you are going in the right direction, using the right map and having the right tools for the challenges that will await.


In this one-of-a-kind workshop, I will prepare individual worksheets for you to play and help you discover all this based on your unique Soul Blueprint.

You will also be guided through a process where you will meet your spirit helpers and power animals for specifically this journey, so that you have allies guiding you through the next year!

And after you discover all that, you’ll get to put it all in pictures!


In collaboration with Kathy Eckhardt, in the last part of the workshop you will make visual representations – Vision Cards – of what you discovered about yourself so that you continually inspire and remind yourself of your new story at an even deeper level. The Vision Cards will send powerful signals to your brain, anchoring your desires and speed up your transformation every time you look at them.

Discover the enormous power you have hidden within you to walk your path with purpose and joy and make the 2019 your best year ever!




BRANA MIJATOVIC, Ph.D. (aka Crystal Cosmopolitan) is the creator of the transformational energy healing program Awaken the Queen Within and the creator of the healing modality Archetype Integration. She is a Crystal Reiki Master Teacher,  Soul Astrologer and a practitioner of Tesla Healing Metamorphosis, Accunect, and Crystal Therapy. In addition to her private practice, she also teaches classes and workshops throughout Virginia. 

KATHY ECKHARDT is a Personal Success Coach and Cheerleader to remarkable, “Ready Right Now” Women, guiding them from their Comfort Zone to their Genius Zone where they were born to shine.  More information at