“Awaken the Queen Within” is a transformational 12-week energy healing program designed to take you from stuck and uncertain to thriving, joyful and purposeful!


What my clients say:

“This program changed my life”

“Every aspect of my life has improved”

“I experienced such shifts in my life I didn’t think were possible for me”

In this program we start with the personalized Soul Astrology Reading which reveals your Soul’s Blueprint – your unique strengths, your untapped potential, your energy blocks and the energetic reasons for the persistent obstacles in your life.

In the following sessions we clear energy blocks and obstacles, stagnant energy patterns, past life / karmic issues and ancestral traumas, all of which have been keeping you in a holding pattern, feeling stuck, and unable to make significant progress in your life. We work with a combination of crystal frequencies based on your individual Soul’s Blueprint and my unique Archetype Integration re-patterning process, which is what makes these clearings so transformative.

The final step is re-balancing polarities and strengthening your connection to your dominant Queen Archetypes – your untapped potential — so that you can live your life with greater joy and purpose.

The first session (Soul Astrology Reading) is $150 and is 60 to 90 min. long, depending on the individual’s chart (some people have a more complex interaction of planetary influences that need to be addressed).

All other sessions are 60 min. long. The standard length of the program is 12-weeks. The minimum length of the program — a trial period — includes the Soul Astrology Reading and 3 energy sessions.

While the program is tailored to individual needs, and most of my clients feel immediate positive changes already after the first session, the minimum length of the program (the trial period) includes 3 energy sessions as that is when a significant breakthrough is usually experienced. At this point we re-evaluate the needs and goals and make a 12-week or a 6-month healing plan. 

The 12-week energy healing program includes 9 sessions total.

The first set of three sessions work on clearing the energy blocks.

The second set of three sessions works on balancing energetic polarities.

The third set of three sessions works on strengthening your ability to easily access your untapped potential.

To schedule your first session, The Soul Astrology Reading, please send an email HERE.

The Soul Astrology Reading ($150):

The first 3 energy sessions ($360):