Crystals for the Mercury Retrograde — Updated for December 2017

At this point in the 21st century, when even Grandma Ada Mae from Oklahoma has heard of the Mercury Retrograde (“my knees are hurting, must be the Mercury Retrograde again!”), we all know what to do and what not to do during this time, right?

Well, just in case, here is a brief reminder:

Mercury turns retrograde on December 2/3 (depending on your time zone) and turns direct on December 22 ( with the “shadow” period on each side of the retrograde, which may extend this influence for a few more days).

Mercury rules thought, communication, and travel, as well as the means of conveying thought (speaking, writing, singing), what we use in order to communicate (computers, phones), the ways in which we travel (cars, planes, etc). Any and all of these may be influenced during this time — some more, some less, depending on your personal horoscope.

This time, Mercury will have us reflect, revisit, renegotiate, and rethink our beliefs, our vision of our future, the big picture.  It will ask us to revisit what we have recently learned to see whether we missed something important. It will especially affect our communication with foreigners, foreign countries, institutions of higher learning, our teachers, and our benefactors or sponsors. It will also have us look at our limitations in any of this as well as what we can do through sustained effort and steady application of our knowledge to make things better!

There is more to be said about this, depending on the house your natal Mercury rules and the house that this transiting Mercury will go through, but the basics are the same:

We need to be mindful of

  • how we communicate
  • what agreements and appointments we make
  • taking extra time if we are traveling
  • being patient
  • being grounded
  • making any promises, contracts, or committing to important events, as things are most likely to change later
  • not making any major purchases
  • saving — and saving often — any work with do on a computer

Here are the crystals to help with this Mercury retrograde (note that the “keywords” refer not to the predominant aspects of these stones, but to their aspects that are most helpful for the retrograde).

For those who like the idea of “less is more”:

  • Fluorite — keywords: organization, focus, memory
  • Black Tourmaline – keywords: grounded, centered, balanced
  • Blue Lace Agate – keywords: being heard, calmness, support

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Those who like the “more is more” approach 🙂 can add the following:

  • Rutilated Quartz — keywords: focus, intuition, clarity
  • Lepidolite — keywords: calmness, relaxation, acceptance
  • Sodalite — keywords: harmonizing left and right side of the brain, flow of ideas
  • Citrine — keywords: synchronicity, quick thinking, mental stimulation

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As always, listen to your intuition when choosing crystals and remember to cleanse them often.

You can also book a private astrology or a crystal reading with me HERE to more precisely identify what crystals may be helpful to you at this moment in time, based on your personal energy, your goals, areas where you may be stuck and other astrological happenings! OR you can book an energy clearing session HERE.

Thoughtfully yours,

Crystal Cosmopolitan

p.p.s. All these crystals are available at and if you live in Williamsburg, VA you can look for them at the Stick, Stone and Bone, 1675 Richmond Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185 Phone:(757) 258-8810