Many ask me why I chose the name Crystal Cosmopolitan and what it means. Before there was a magazine and a drink by that name, “cosmopolitan” was a term that referred to someone who has lived in and knows about many different parts of the world.  I received this name in Prague, Czech Republic many years ago by a deeply intuitive energy reader who instantly recognized my passion for travel and my feeling at home in the world. For some, traveling is a past time, for others a luxury, and for me it is a necessity. I feel that I am most myself when I travel and explore foreign places and cultures. In exploring the worlds of energy travel happens on a different plane and crystals make it possible in many different ways. So I used the name Crystal Cosmopolitan when I started to work for the healingcrystals.com as a crystal expert, social media curator and writer.

The ability to connect with worlds of energy through a tangible physical medium and translate that energy into words appeared very early on in my life.

As I child I was strongly clairsentient and clairaudient. In addition to receiving messages from spiritual realms, the Higher Self, and as intuitive guidance, I also often knew what someone would say before they said it and I understood the conveyed meaning in foreign languages I didn’t know.

I was introduced to card reading when I was eight years old, on a beautiful beach, while vacationing with a group of schoolkids of various ages. Someone brought a deck of playing cards and taught me what each number signified and in the days that followed I became an in-demand reader. In my early teens I learned to read palms and started studying astrology, both formally and informally, and have been actively doing readings since then. 

When I started working with crystals, I discovered that I could do crystal readings as well. This translated into the ability to read at a distance and for people I didn’t know, and I started doing this through a couple of my own Facebook pages and then through the Healing Crystals Facebook page. My crystal readings were one of our most popular online hosted events with more than 500 people asking for a reading at any one point. To read the TESTIMONIALS please click HERE

I am a Certified Crystal Healer and a Certified Crystal Reiki Master Teacher. I have worked with crystals on my own, self-directing my studies for more than a decade through daily personal meditations, healing work, intention setting, reading, and participation in crystal forums from around the world.  Only when I felt I have reached the limits of self-study, have I decided to test my knowledge through studying formally with some of the most renowned crystal healers and teachers in the world – Naisha Ahsian, Ashley Leavey, and Hibiscus Moon. I am a crystal expert, a contributing author, and a social media specialist at Healing Crystals. During my 5 years at the Healing Crystals company I have answered more than 5,000 questions on using crystals for healing through our FB page and personal emails. 

Working with a number of other energy modalities, as well as music, has further broadened my perspectives and what I bring to my practice. My academic background and a Ph.D. degree from UCLA are the driving forces behind my scientific research on energy work. 

I am dedicated to connecting and blending scientific and spiritual perspectives in my work. Numerous quantum physicists, psychologists, and scientific innovators of the 20th and 21st century, including Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Max Plank, Bruce Lipton, Carl Gustav Jung, and Marcel Vogel, to mention just a few, understood and valued the significance of spirituality.

There are those who state that science is just catching up to what the spiritual mystics have been experiencing and conveying throughout the history humankind. Whatever the case may be, we live at a time when the two are increasingly becoming interconnected and when this knowledge is becoming more available throughout the world. If this is new information to you and would like to learn more, visit my Links/Resources page (which is constantly being updated) to get started!


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