Crystal Reiki Level 1

Crystal Reiki is a unique energy healing system that uses its own set of 15 symbols, in combination with crystals, as well as its own specialized techniques for using the symbols and crystals. It consists of three levels, to be completed at intervals of about 1-2 months apart. After completion of each level, the student receives a certificate of attendance and attunement. To progress to the next level, the student needs to complete a brief quiz and homework assignments with clients (mini-sessions), along with doing regular Crystal Reiki self-treatments.

Crystal energy harmonizes, strengthens, and amplifies the power of Reiki. The results in terms of bringing the body, mind, and spirit back into balance are usually quite fast. Crystal Reiki is helpful for a variety of issues, from burnout and energy depletion, to releasing stress and tension, to insomnia, moodiness, anxiety, fibromyalgia and more. It is excellent for those who have a weakened immune system, or often come into contact with those who do.

One example of how it works:

One of my recent Crystal Reiki sessions was done at a distance for a businessman who was on a vacation in Italy. He was with a group of people who all caught some sort of a stomach bug and it was beginning to affect him as well. Since he did not want to spend his time in Italy being confined to his hotel room, he made an appointment for a distance session. During the session he felt the energy move through specific parts of his body and reported feeling stronger right afterwards. He then texted me a few days later and let me know that he was the only one in the group that had remained healthy and was able to fully enjoy his Italian vacation. 

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Date: REGISTRATION is NOW CLOSED! If you are interested in coming next time it is offered, please let me know through filling out the form below.

Saturday, June 17th, 9 am to 3 pm

Price: $175



Crystals for Personal Healing Workshop  

(will be available as an online course for those who have not taken it)


Recommended but not required:

Having a Crystal Reiki session with me prior to the course

Completing traditional (Usui) Reiki Level 1


In Crystal Reiki Level 1 class you will receive:

  • The first five symbols
  • The attunement to the symbols
  • Crystal Reiki Level 1 Manual
  • Certificate of Attendance and Attunement
  • A gift of 1 Rose Quartz Heart (necessary for the attunement process)
  • A gift of 1 Clear Quartz single terminated point (necessary for the attunement process)
  • A bonus 2-page Healer’s Homework “Session Documentation” handout in PDF format

In Crystal Reiki Level 1 class you will learn:

  • The significance of energy symbols
  • What the five symbols help with
  • How to use the five symbols and crystals in sessions for others
  • How to use specific crystal grids in sessions for others
  • How to perform Crystal Reiki self-treatment for yourself

You will need to bring to class 6 single terminated Clear Quartz crystal points (1-2 inches long)

You will need additional stones that will be presented in class when you start doing Crystal Reiki sessions but you do not need them for the class itself.

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I understand that the Crystal Reiki Level 1 Class involves self-exploration and personal growth and that neither the workshop nor the crystals are substitutes for medical treatment or therapy. I agree to advise the workshop presenter, Brana, if I have any physical or psychological conditions that may affect my participation ability. This information will remain strictly confidential. By submitting this form, I expressly agree to hold Brana harmless for any damages, loss, or expense caused by any act or omission by herself, her workshop coordinator or other participants.