“Awaken the Queen Within” is a transformational energy healing program that I created to empower and strengthen our inner sources of creativity and joy.

In this program we start with the personalized soul astrology reading to find out  what your unique strengths are, and what your blocks and obstacles are. We then uncover your dominant Queen Archetypes which hold your untapped potential.

In the following sessions we work with crystal frequencies and my unique Archetype Integration re-patterning process to clear beliefs, stagnant energy patterns, past life issues and ancestral traumas that are holding you back from living your life with joy and purpose.

The final step is re-balancing your connection to your dominant Queen Archetypes so you can fully embody all their (your) strength and wisdom. 

These are all individual sessions and each step of the process is happening at your own pace. 

The first session (soul astrology reading) is $150 and is 90 min. long.

All other sessions are $100 and are 60 min. long. 

While the program is tailored to individual needs, the minimum length is 3 sessions as many of my clients experienced significant breakthroughs after the 3rd session. At this point we re-evaluate the needs and goals and make a 3-month or a 6-month plan. 

You pay as you go, and the first session payment needs to be submitted ahead of time, when you schedule your session.

To schedule your session, please send an email HERE.

The first session ($150):

All other sessions ($100):