Energy Readings # 1

Soul Astrology

There are two readings that you can choose from (please see the descriptions below):

A) An in-depth Astrology + Crystal Chart Reading  

B) The energy of the next 3 months (planetary transits impacting your natal chart)

I will need to know your birth date, time, and place so please submit that through the form below when you request your reading.

Energy Reading #1 A: An In-depth Astrology Chart Reading

Your astrology chart will reveal to you the needs of your Soul, the best way to nourish yourself and replenish your strength, what your Inner Child needs to feel secure, safe, and supported, and how to integrate the polarities or inner tensions that you experience in your life. You will learn your best way to deal with your relationships, how to succeed at work, and what you can do to support your vision for your best life. This reading includes recommendation for best crystals for you to work with to enhance your strengths and overcome your weaknesses.

A personal note: There are many levels to an interpretation of an astrological chart, from past life and ancestral influences that are carried through to be resolved, to lessons we are ready to learn in our lives, to our stumbling points (places and things that usually make us unstable — but those are the “X marks the spot” points for where to dig for our gold), to the strengths of what brings us joy . . .

It brings to light our archetypal characters — a Healer, a Visionary, a Warrior and a Teacher — and shows their relationship and importance in our lives. An astrology chart reading can re-connect one to one’s life purpose, remind one of their inner resources, and point to a beneficial use of challenging energies . . . Every one is unique and every one shows us beauty, even in our darkest hour . . . And this is why I love doing it . . . 

Energy Reading #1 B: The Energy of the Next Three Months (How Planetary Transits Impact Your Natal Chart):

This type of reading is done for the clients who have already done the Astrology + Crystal Chart with me. For this reading I take a detailed look at the current astrological transits and how they impact you, based on how they connect with your main strengths and weaknesses, what opportunities they provide, whether it is better to wait or go ahead with your plans, what doors will be wide open for you now, what are some challenges to expect and how best to deal with them during this time frame. (Optional: You can choose to also receive the recommendation for crystals that would most help you navigate the upcoming energy currents.)


Distance or in person session $150

1) Go HERE and fill out the form, specifying that you want the Energy Reading #1 A or B and provide your birth date, birth time, and birthplace.
2) When I reply that I have received your email, submit your payment through PayPal.
3) We will do the reading through Skype within 7 days of the receipt of payment from Paypal.

If you live in Williamsburg, VA or surrounding areas, there is a possibility for an in-person reading.

To book an in-person session, please contact me by clicking HERE and filling out the form


Energy Reading #2

Crystal Reading — the energy of the next 3 months

In this reading that I developed using my knowledge of both crystals and astrology, I connect with your energy, cast about 15-20 crystals on the astrological map that I make (I do not need to have your chart) and interpret the current energy that is available to you.

This includes suggestions on what you can do to clear any blocks that you may be experiencing and what types of actions you can take. I suggest the most beneficial crystals, according to the reading, for you to work with in the next 3 months. I will send this information to you as an mp3 recording through the email you provide for distance session.

If you choose an in-person session, the reading will have interactive components.

Distance session $77

To book a distance reading:

1) Go HERE and fill out the form, specifying that you want the Energy Reading #2
2) When I reply that I have received your email, submit your payment through PayPal.
3) We will schedule your reading within 48 hours of the receipt of payment from Paypal.

In person session $90

To book an in-person session, please contact me by clicking HERE  and filling out the form


These readings are intended for entertainment purposes. They represent neither legal nor medical advice. By submitting a request for a reading you indicate your understanding that no specific results are guaranteed.