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***Schedule of Workshops***

Want to feel more energized, focused, optimistic, calm, and inspired?

Then these transformational crystal workshops are for you!

I explain how & why the energy of crystals is beneficial for human beings using the latest scientific research.

You receive the exact steps and templates on how to work with crystals for your personal transformation.

We work through– and play with– a unique set of exercises, meditations, and attunements with crystals.

All this has been proven to increase your abilities to resonate with crystal energy and experience dramatic shifts when you work with them.

Clicking on the name of the workshop will lead you to the page where you can read the details.

October 1       Crystals for Personal Healing
(this is a stand-alone workshop as well as a prerequisite for Crystal Reiki)

October 15     Crystals and Intuition 1

October 22     Crystal Reiki Level 1

November 12  Crystals and Intuition 2

December 10   Crystal Reiki Level 2

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I offer two types of Crystal Therapy and several types of Energy Readings.

Based on assessing the personal needs of a client, a Crystal Therapist introduces the energy of specific crystals into the client’s electro-magnetic field (aura), energy centers (chakras), and the meridians (subtle energy flows throughout the body), and uses various methods to clear, activate, and strengthen them.

Energy Readings provide spiritual guidance into practical life challenges, offer insight into the situation a client is facing, uncover outmoded energy patterns that are ready to be cleared, and provide loving support for moving forward in life.

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